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Given its amazing winter weather, ideal location, and beautiful landscapes, Colorado is one of the best places in the entire world to hit the slopes. A popular destination for snowboarders and skiers, Colorado offers ample opportunity to experience world-class winter conditions. Below you will find the best times of the year to shred the slopes in Colorado.

The great thing about Colorado is that the snowboarding season starts early. Most resorts will actually open up in October. If you’re looking to score early-season discounts, then October and November are good times to hit up Colorado. It’s also a little less busy, so you’ll be able to get in as much snowboarding as you want. Towards the end of December, the snowfall in Colorado usually picks up. And if you’re wanting to experience a magical holiday with the added bonus of snowboarding, December is when you’ll want to visit Colorado.

Although it’s the busy season for snowboarding in Colorado, March really does have some of the best snow conditions all year. Not only will the days be sunny and a little warm, but the snow will still be nice and deep. These mild conditions make for great snowboarding. Plus, if you’re a social butterfly who enjoys meeting people on the slopes, then the crowds this time of year will be an added bonus for you!

While all those other times of the year are great snowboarding, if you’re really looking for the best conditions, then you must plan your snowboarding trip to Colorado is the month of February. For one, Colorado gets its best snowfall during this month, which means the slopes and snowboard parks will have plenty of powdery, dry deep snow.

This time of year is also not as busy. Most people don’t like traveling post-holidays because they are either tapped out money-wise or are just plain tired after all that holiday stress. But that’s good news for you! Ski resorts aren’t fully booked this time of year, and that means there won’t be as many people clogging up the slopes. And because it’s the slow season, you’ll find that hotel rates are much lower in the month of January. So not only will you save some cash, but you’ll have all that fresh snowfall to yourself!