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Most people view snowboarding as a winter sport, and for good reason. Winter is the season most associated with snow. There’s also nothing quite like flying down the side of a mountain in the crisp, cool winter air.

However, springtime snowboarding can be great, too. In March, the mountains are less crowded. There are fewer first-timers there, trying to impress their friends. Snowboarding can take on a whole different feeling of camaraderie.

The atmosphere on a mountain during the springtime is much less competitive at the peak of the season. The days are longer than in the dead of winter, so there’s more day to while away on the mountain. Some snowboarders complain that this increased light and heat leads to bad snow. Others see it more as broken in.

In some parts of the country, March is actually peak season for snowboarding. In Colorado, for example, the snow is typically better in the early spring than in the middle of winter. In much of Canada, Colorado, and Wyoming, there’s still fresh snow falling throughout March. In fact, in Colorado, most ski resorts and snowboarding courses are open until the first or second week of April.

Snowboarding can also be a great way for college students to spend their spring breaks. Resorts like Jackson Hole, Wyoming and Mammoth Mountain, California, see an uptick in business around this time. Families, too, love to spend their school breaks together on the mountain.

Apart from those school break snowboarders, spring is a time for snowboarding purists. Hardcore snowboarders have a culture all their own. They aren’t out on the mountain just because it’s cool or to post on their Instagram about it. They snowboard for the love of the sport.

Snowboarding in March can bring people into the orbit of this unique, laid-back and very giving culture. Boarding is all about testing their personal limits. They love the creativity of the sport, not competitiveness. In fact, for many, it’s an art form. They’re happy to share their best with others.

These are committed people who love the mountains they board on. They make it a point to leave the places they love in good condition. After all, for springtime snowboarders, the mountain is like a second home. It’s a place for creativity and comfort.