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A lot of times we associate surfing with beaches, bathing suits, and summer time. But even the hottest surf spots in America cool off in the winter. Here are ten alternatives if you need to catch a wave during the winter:

10-Southern Provence, Sri Lanka
The southern coast of Ski Lanka gets its waves from the surf conditions on both the east and west coast. With 330 sunny days per year and an average water temperature of 81F, it is perfect for year around surfing.

Perfect surfing conditions in Panama are between December and April, which make this location a perfect winter time retreat for surfers who can’t wait until later in the year.

8-South Africa
South African surfing is at its best between November and February which make it an ideal escape for winter bound surfers. While the surfing conditions are pretty good year round, those 4 months are some of the best.

7-The Philippines
During winter months the Pacific Ocean sends some incredible waves towards the coast of Siargao Island. Combined with the legendary reef, “Cloud 9,” it’s hard to beat winter time surfing in the Philippines.

6-The Canary Islands
Filled with hollow reef breaks, the Islands known as Europe’s version of Hawaii enjoy year round sunshine. This is the spot that European surfers run to every winter. The best waves hit between October and March.

5-Costa Rica
Average water temps stay around 86F all year around, and all four coasts see incredible surf most of the year. Costa Rica is a great spot to surf no matter the season.

When it’s winter in the northern hemisphere, it’s summer in the “Land Down Under.” Summer season also equals cyclone season, which creates some amazing waves for you to surf.

3-East Coast of Bali
World class waves that hit the coast are most prevalent between November and March. No matter your skill level, you can find a wave to catch here.

Home of the biggest wave ever surfed, Portugal is the Holy Land for surfers around the world especially between October and April.

With something to offer for everyone from beginners to experts, the peak wave season between October and April makes the affordable Morocco the top choice for winter time surfing.

Don’t let the cold weather keep you out of the water. Check one of these locations out!