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The summer season is a time when many people take a break from snowboarding due to the warm weather conditions. For some, it can be difficult to progress in the sport once the temperatures begin to increase. Although you may not be able to spend time on the slopes, there are still a few ways to improve your skills during the summer season.

Spend Time at the Gym
Working out in the gym can allow you to increase your physical strength, which can improve your snowboarding abilities. You can hire a personal trainer who understands your goals and can introduce you to specific exercises that build the core or strengthen your legs. Cardio will also prove to be effective by increasing your heart rate to maintain a healthy weight while improving your stamina. Consider practicing aerobics, taking spin classes, or practicing Body Balance.

Spend Time Practicing Similar Sports
Many different water sports that will allow you to improve your snowboarding abilities due to their similarity to the sport. Skateboarding is an ideal sport to practice in the summer and can allow you to work on your balance and coordination. Surfing is also similar to snowboarding by riding waves. You can increase your ability to control and maneuver the surfboard, which will carry over to snowboarding once the winter season arrives.

Wakeboarding is an additional activity that is similar to snowboarding and will allow you to practice certain tricks in the water while holding onto a rope that is connected to a boat. You’ll feel more comfortable and confident riding on the wakeboard while navigating choppy waters.

Practice Indoor Snowboarding
Indoor snowboarding domes and dry slopes are increasing in popularity for their ability to allow athletes to enjoy the sport at any time of the year. You can practice on snow during the off-season, which will allow you to continue progressing with the sport after the winter season comes to an end. Although the snow in domes differs from real snow, it can make it easier to master the sport and have an easier time snowboarding in real conditions.

Try Gymnastics
Gymnastics can be useful if you want to increase your spatial awareness and agility. You’ll also learn how to safely practice tricks that you want to master while doing gymnastics.