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When it comes to surfing, it can be exhilarating to spend time in the water and enjoy how rewarding it feels to catch a few waves. Although surfing is one of the most popular sports in the world, it is also one of the most dangerous activities. If you want to stay safe and protect yourself, there are a few common surfing injuries that you can avoid with the right tips followed.

Lacerations on the feet and hands can occur while surfing due to the sharp objects that are often in the ocean. Due to the fast pace of the sport, you can come in contact with a sharp coral reef that leads to deep cuts or even the fin of your surfboard. If you want to avoid the pain and stitches that can come with the injury, consider wearing booties before you get in the water.

Eye damage is extremely common in the sport of surfing when the point of the surfboard comes in contact with the eyes. The sharp point of the board can cause extreme damage to the eye, which can often result in loss of vision. If you want to protect yourself while in the water, place a soft nose guard on the tip of the board, which can also protect you from other types of injuries.

Head trauma can occur when you collide with a surfboard or rocks while surfing, which can put your life at risk. Some people even suffer from head trauma when hitting their head on the bottom of the ocean floor or rocks. Although it may be unusual, there are different types of helmets that some professional surfers wear to protect themselves. You can also purchase a soft top surfboard to reduce the risk of head trauma if you take a tumble after getting caught in a wave.

Shoulder strain can occur suddenly or can develop over time due to repeated movements while surfing. You may experience pain on the front of the shoulder, which is a sign that you’re suffering from Rotator-cuff impingement and tendinitis. If you want to protect your shoulders, you can begin by stretching before you start each surf session to improve the flexibility of your muscles.