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Jozef Dominguez

Surfing & Snowboarding

Jozef Dominguez is a force of nature. A competitive snowboarder for four years after a lifetime of practice, Jozef Dominguez is also an avid surfer, fluent in English, Spanish, and Vietnamese, and holds two degrees. He is based in Denver, Colorado, and will be opening up his own training facility for snowboarders this coming year. With experience in competing, coaching, and education techniques, Dominguez’s facility is bound to be a success.

In 2010, Dominquez earned his B.A. in Creative Writing and Photography, having focused on his academic passions for two years. In his last two years of college, he began professionally competing nationally in snowboarding competitions, winning a medal in his state by the end of his senior year. He continued to compete after graduation, but wasted no time in his educational trajectory. Having always dreamt of working with youth in his community, he earned his Masters in Education with honors by 2013. Soon after, he started teaching English at a local Denver school, winning high praise from the students and their families. Eventually taking a hiatus from competing professionally, Dominguez noticed that his students were inspired by his stories of endurance and determination in snowboarding, and decided to start a club for the sport at the school in which he coached students, parents, and community members of all levels.

Although he seems to always be met with fantastic opportunities, nothing is really by chance for Dominguez. In the summers off from his teaching and coaching positions, he pursues his interest in surfing by traveling nationally or internationally to the best surfing locations, and more specifically, communities. Dominguez began submitting his photography to magazines, and with a packed schedule but endless devotion to his passions, worked as a freelance photographer. He won four awards for his photography in just two years. Once he was asked to write some short articles to go along with his photographs, his writing gained traction.

In 2016, he was offered a full-time position as a content writer for a travel magazine and decided to take a break from teaching to travel and produce work. He kept a steady blog for all of his previous students to follow him along his journey. This past year, he traveled to the coast of California, Australia, and Indonesia where he learned to speak Vietnamese, interviewing surf communities, and practicing the sport.

A snowboarder and community-minded Coloradan at heart, he wrote an article in 2017 on the intersection of determination, stamina, and heart that fuel both snowboarders and surfers. The piece was autobiographical, but also an ethnography of his community in Denver. It won an award for genuine storytelling and a detailed analysis of sport and community.

He has recently returned to his homebase of Denver to continue writing and to open up his own training facility for snowboarding before he travels again.

An award-winning writer, photographer, surfer, and snowboarder, Dominguez is determined to share his community values with the world, and his travels with his community.

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